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Monthly Archives: November 2006

Freemap Workshops


Schuyler and I just submitted our applications to Asia Source II, which will be held in Sukabumi in West Java, from 22-30 January 2007, organised by the International Open Source Network (IOSN). Schuyler and I first met at Asia Source I, organised by the Tactical Technology Collective outside Bangalore in January 2005. It was as [...]

Quiet Pleasures of Geo-Rectification


I finally gave the new OpenLayers Map Rectifier a serious crash test today, and a few hours later I was still in the same quiet groove, with rosy visions of what it might make possible for historical geography. The rectifier has enormous potential to give users an easy point-and-click interface for geo-referencing and then warping [...]

Cartographers and Bibliographers in Chicago


Days before leaving Boston to attend the Digital Humanities Colloquium at the University of Chicago, I received the fruits of my brief visit to Chicago two weeks earlier, two DVDs in the mail containing extremely high-resolution scans of the 1919 City Survey of Bombay sheets, 12 in total, which were made for me by Chris [...]

The Urban Age


In the academic world in which I work, proximity to the rich and powerful is at best a matter of expediency, and at worst elicits the charge of complicity. What I appreciate about architects and designers is the irreftutably practical nature of their world, in which structures of power and the market shape the context [...]



For the second time in two weeks, I’m back in Hyde Park, at the University of Chicago. While I’m officially attending the Chicago Colloquium for Digital Humanities and Computer Science on Sunday and Monday, on Saturday I sat in on the 100 Years of the All-India Muslim League Colloquium organised by Manan and Rajeev. It [...]