Raj Chandavarkar Memorial Roundtable

Historian Rajnarayan Chandavarkar, whom I had known and worked with for  years in the U.K. and India, died of a sudden heart attack while at a conference on Four Cities in Modernity at Dartmouth College in New Hampshire on 23 April 2006.

As a friend and mentor, his death was a great loss to me both personally and intellectually. This memorial roundtable at the Association for Asian Studies (AAS) Annual Meeting was held on 22 March 2007, and called “Labour, Space and Politics: Raj Chandavarkar and the History of Modern South Asia”.

Rajnarayan Chandavarkar was one of the foremost scholars of urban and working class history writing on South Asia. His sudden death in April 2006 has been an inestimable loss to the academic community. The empirical depth of Chandavarkar’s scholarship stood out amongst his contemporaries. The impact of his work on the field remains to be assessed. This roundtable will focus on several areas where Chandavarkar’s contributions remain significant and offer new directions for future scholarship. Continue reading Raj Chandavarkar Memorial Roundtable