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Taking the Dogs out of the Slum


Slumdog Millionaire has been running since September at the cinema across the street from my apartment in Cambridge. I enjoyed the film when I finally saw it in December, despite the cliched invocation of Bollywood in the concluding song and Danny Boyle’s populism — the last scene of Trainspotting, where Renton “chooses life” by robbing [...]

Mumbai Vision 2010: Reporting the Future


If you look left while crossing Haji Ali into Worli, the brightly lit ground floor showroom of a well-known auto major is emblazoned with the words “improving the quality of life”. You can’t miss it, because this is a congested junction, with cars queueing up at the next signal to ascend the Worli Fly-Over. Stuck [...]

Mumbai Vision 2010: Get Up, Stand Up


Bombay is the birthplace of civic sensibility in India. So here are some sensible suggestions for really improving the quality of life of those who don’t fly business class: PUBLIC SPACE: Space No Bar The tallest tale about Mumbai is that the city is overcongested and space in short supply. This myth of land scarcity [...]