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Swinging In or Swooping Down?


Many years ago, a fellow scholar and I embarked on a novel philological project, which began in the sweaty summer of 2000 with the simple but powerful insight that all text for all news in the English print media in India is essentially generated out of a limited number of words. We thus set out, [...]

Mumbai Terror Dossier


The Hindu has scanned the entire dossier of evidence related to the terrorist attacks on Mumbai on 26-28 November. Their servers seem to be overwhelmed with requests, so I have cached the PDFs for downloading here: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4 and all parts archived. Dr Singh’s genteel but firm diplomatic [...]

The Story of Whose India?


I just finished watching the first episode of The Story of India on PBS. To see the Aryan invasion theory rehashed so completely is quite shocking on public television. Who is this so-called historian Michael Wood and hasn’t he read Romila Thapar? The show would be infuriating if he weren’t so culturally confused. Check the [...]

Stirring the Pot in Kashmir


Ahmed Rashid is stirring the pot in his interview on NPR All Things Considered yesterday. While there is no doubt that Kashmir is in flames, the theory of “strategic depth”, explaining Pakistani involvement in Afghanistan and Kashmir through Islamist proxies such as the Taliban and Kashmiri jihad as a quest for balance against Indian dominance [...]

Call for Regime Change


Arvind forwarded me this article from today’s Sunday Express in New Delhi, “Are you an American Scholar? You are not welcome in India”. It is well known in the research community here in the homeland that the Home Ministry and Intelligence Bureau (IB) in India have delayed approvals and finally rejected the proposals for research [...]

The Urban Turn


Download The Urban Turn Transcript Transcript of symposium held in December 2002 with historians and sociologists Gyan Prakash, Jairus Banaji, Sujata Patel and Rajnarayan Chandavarkar organised by PUKAR (Partners for Urban Knowledge Action & Research) at the Bombay Paperie, Mumbai.

Democratic Politics and Economic Reform in India


Rob Jenkins, Democratic Politics and Economic Reforms in India. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1999. For better or for worse, in most countries of the post-Cold War world, a fairly generalised packaging of liberal-democratic state institutions and neoclassical market economics has now achieved hegemony as the prescription of the possible future. A host of international financial [...]

The Worlds of Indian Industrial Labour


Jan Breman, Karin Kapadia, Jonathan Parry, eds., The Worlds of Indian Industrial Labour (Contributions to Indian Sociology, Occassional Studies 9). New Delhi and London: Sage Publications, 1999 Marking both a renewal of interest in labour studies and an important disciplinary shift, the publication of this anthology is a significant event. Introduced by Jonathan Parry, the [...]

The Metaphor of Middle-Class Scorn


In his first few years occupying the Chief Minister’s chair in Bihar, Laloo Prasad Yadav was found of recalling that, in his father’s village, the local upper-caste leaders would sit in similar thrones, and his father could not dare to come near the Brahmins and sit on a chair like them. That would have signified [...]

American Grand Strategy


This was a two-part series on the relationship of India and the United States, on the eve of the visit of U.S. President Bill Clinton to India in mid-March 2000. The rivalry between the U.S. and the Soviet Union was the central geopolitical anatagonism of the half-century that followed the conclusion of World War II, [...]